Unità di Crisi is a research collective composed of designers and theorists in the field of visual communication.
The collective was born with the objective of developing a practical and theoretical discourse concerning the permanent crisis that, since decades by now, affects modern societies, and the willing to highlight what it means to operate as a designer within this context.

With permanent crisis we indicate the situation of increasing instability that is typical of the contemporary world. Reference points that traditionally founded, supported and justified lifestyles, ideologies, institutions, hierarchies, have gradually crumbled, because of the speed with which changes in the technical-scientific, economic, social and cultural environment have occurred.
In this “liquid modernity” the experience of the individual, as well as that of a more or less extensive community, is no longer given or based on a stable system of values or on a shared memory, instead it is continuously wandering, continuously looking for new reference points.
Within this scenario, the role of the designer has become increasingly important, enough to say that the world we live in today is a world shaped by design: most of the things we do every day (work, move, eat, communicate, have fun) is in fact mediated by design. Designers are those who in one way or another plan and shape things, both tangible and intangible ones, and thereby create new standards and value systems, they create new guidelines.
For this reason we are convinced of the importance that there is today of investing energy and resources in researching design. Investigating ways that determine relationships between people and between people and things; investigating the possibilities that modern systems of communication open to the people and those that are instead denied; imagining new communication approaches that give way to an idea of participatory and shared democracy; all of this goes through a research and critics of design and communication.

The research activities of Unità di Crisi is made public and divulged (as well as on the web, through our website and social networks) through the publication of a non-periodic thematic volume, Krisis magazine.
Unità di Crisi has worked together with institutional partners, private art galleries and foundations, non-profit organizations, publishers such as: AIAP, Aiapzine, AIS design, Fondazione Bevilacqua La Masa, Libera Università di Bolzano, Latitude, DataInterfaces, Spazio Punch, ArtVerona, Associazione Strativari, Pordenone Legge, Università IUAV di Venezia, Wave Photogallery, Marsèlleria, Spazio H. Vox.

Via Famiglia Boccacci 28
25133 Brescia – Italy