ART: A Satellite Dérive for Harry Kipper


Last month our friend Thomas Artur Spallek invite us to the exhibition Wasting Time on the Internet 2.0, at Kunsthalle Düsseldorf. The idea is “to get lost on the internet to reflect on its political, social, and economic aspects, to become hazed by its rich content and to get distracted and split by its versatility”.

Our short movie is a virtual drift on the internet, by using Google Earth Pro, inspired by the quasi-real artist Harry Kipper. In 1992 Kipper took a long journey through Europe, to link several cities by an imaginary line which would eventually trace the word “ART”. The tour, a remake of the psychogeographic dérive inspired by Situationist urban practice, stopped near Trieste, when in 1995 Kipper suddenly disappeared.  In Italy several newspapers talked about his disappearance, until the mysterious folk hero hero Luther Blissett claimed the media prank, revealing that the British artist never existed.

Twenty years after we’d like to pay homage to Harry Kipper’s memory, simulating his never-existed performance in the virtual and ephemeral space of the internet.

Here you can read a brief conversation between us and Thomas, published in WTi 2.0 catalogue.


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