Coaching: A new paradigm for learning

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“What does it mean to learn in the field of design? How can one learn to design? And how can one learn from design?”
Those are the leading questions in About learning and design, a book edited and curated by Giorgio Camuffo and Maddalena Dalla Mura for the Libera Università di Bolzano. The volume collects several points of view – interviews, essays, visual essays, projects reviews – around learning and teaching in the field of graphic design.

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An Archive for Disorientation


Why a dis-orientation archive? Modern society lives today within the contradiction between overproduction and loss. Material production, and particularly the immaterial production of information, has reached levels able to render critical any classification and archiving attempt. At the same time this new complexity of reality, and the immense quantity of stimuli to which individuals are submitted, requires a constant process of selection and elimination of information. This process, from which a definite orientation model ensues, is today more than ever influenced by subconscious, circumstantial and accidental components. From this proceeds the importance of everything that in the first place was removed, rejected, or simply not considered—and the necessity to recompose these lost fragments.

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L’Odissea Errante – Workshop

During March 2013 Professor Giorgio Camuffo invited us to hold a workshop within the Visual Communication course taught by him at the Free University of Bozen – Bolzano. The workshop, lasting three days, consisted in an investigation around the different modes through which the theme of disorientation reintroduced each time itself within visual culture—and culminated with the production of various posters and of a little publication.

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Re-orientation. Myth’s unpredictable destinations

L’Edicola is a biannual event, curated by Saul Marcadent, gathering magazines about art, design, fashion and architecture. During the first edition Unità di Crisi presented two works introducing the disorientation theme. In addition to the series of posters—concerning the use of social networks in the Syrian civil war—realized by Foundland, Unità di Crisi arranged Re-Orientation. Myth’s unpredictable destinations. The project consists of a case bringing together approximately one hundred materials concerning the myth of Ulysses, in the attempt to offer a retrospective of the modalities through which the theme of disorientation has been each time represented, narrated and thus assimilated to a particular culture and society.

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Living with Water

Veneto 2100: Living with Water is a project of Latitude examining how three different urban territories—the Delta del Po region, the Monti Lessini Creeks, the Piave dry valley—can be transformed taking into account the threats and opportunities ensuing from the presence of water.

Unità di Crisi collaborated on the project as a territorial communication consultant. The investigation produced a series of strategies to develop a territorial communication aimed to point out the critical aspects—and to engage and involve the population in the new scenario imagined by city planners.

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Krisis | Reading – The Attention Crisis

Krisis | Reading. The Attention Crisis – Reading of fragments of important texts was arranged as a reading performance taking place inside the Queriniana Public Library during the White Night Festival in Brescia, the first March 2011. The floor of the reading room was scattered with hundreds of photocopies, each one obtained from a different book’s page. During the three hour performance the readers of the Accademia della Voce H. Vox collected, in turn, a page from the ground and read it aloud.

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Help is an installation visualizing, in real time, help requests and offers mediated by Tweets. A software application selects, through Twitter’s Streaming APIs, all messages containing the word help and visualizes them on the screen. At the same time, the relevant words are extracted from the texts and represented in a graphic form highlighting their recurrence and persistence in time—and their possible reciprocal relations. Read More

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Identities in crisis

In September 2010 we were invited to take part to the fourth number of INNOVeTION VALLEY, a monthly magazine about art and culture distributed together with the Corriere della Sera newspaper and whose editor-in-chief is the curator Cristiano Seganfreddo. We submitted a visual statement, on two double-page spreads, that represents the scenario of permanent crisis and introduces the identity emergency, an issue tackled in the first volume of Krisis magazine.

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Indivisibiliter ac Inseparabiliter: Mitteleuropa


During the research activity conducted into the identity emergency and the crisis of its representation models, Unità di Crisi concerned itself with the issue of the United States of Greater Austria. The visual identity project developed for the hypothetical federation of states served as a pretext to investigate the mechanisms involved in the construction of national identities—and the relative contradictions—from the graphic designer’s point of view. The project was exhibited in August 2010 at the collective exhibition Open Studios, curated by Bevilacqua La Masa Foundation. It was subsequently adapted for the volume Krisis | Identities and the relative exhibition.

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Living with Water at the 5th IABR



Unità di Crisi is part of the multidisciplinary group composed by the urban designers of Latitude Platform—that is Fabio Vanin, Tullia Lombardo, Enrico Anguillari, Marco Ranzato and Andrea Masciantonio—and by anthropologist Valentina Bonifacio, which will present the research project Living with Water in the context of the 5th International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam – Making City—opening in April 2012. Read More

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Krisis | Identities – The Exhibition

Krisis | Identities is the exhibition gathering a selection of the materials published in the first volume of Krisis magazine, focussing the attention on the crisis of the representation of identities in contemporary societies. Unità di Crisi, Valentina Ciarapica, Collectif_fact, Nicolò Degiorgis, Emanuele Kabu and Jonmar Van Vlijmen took part to the exhibition.

Krisis | Identities was hosted by Wave Photogallery—Brescia, February 2011—and by Fondazione Spinola Banna per l’Arte—Poirino, Turin, March 2011.

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Workshow is the collective exhibition of the winners of the Bevilacqua La Masa Foundation’s artist-in-residence. For the occasion, Unità di Crisi arranged a retrospective exhibition about Bailey bridges. The Bailey bridge is a bridge constituted by a modular structure; this makes it an extremely versatile construction, easy to assemble, cheap, and suitable for those discontinuity situations requiring an emergency intervention. In addition to an informative pamphlet and a scale model, a case, displaying different materials presenting a retrospective of the bridge and its metaphorical meanings, was arranged.

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The Bailey bridge

At the art fair ArtVerona 2010, in the Indipendents Pavilion, Unità di Crisi arranged a wall covering it with a blow up picture portraying several soldiers assembling a Bailey bridge in Italy during the Second World War. On the opposite wall a scale model of the bridge, chosen as a metaphor for Unità di Crisi’s operative modalities, was arranged.

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