Gramsci on the wall of The Bronx

Massimo Vincenzi, on, talks about Gramsci Monument, a public installation-work of art realized in The Bronx by Swiss artist Thomas Hirschhorn. The monument, which will be inaugurated today, is the fourth of a series of artistic interventions taking place in public spaces—the other three being a monument dedicated to Spinoza in Amsterdam, one to Deleuze in Avignon and one to Bataille in Kassell.

The critic Hal Foster talks about it too, in the article written for Krisis Magazine: “To the kind community imagined by relational aesthetics, Hirschhorn replies with the Presence and Production principle, which designates the artist’s double role: present in the place where, in a given moment, he is committed to his work, and at the same time aware that the cohabitation with the locals could be regarded positively as well as negatively. This way Hirschorn updates the thesis of The Author as Producer, the 1934 essay in which Walter Benjamin locates the political use-value of an artistic work in the author’s position, or function, within a production system, rather than in his attitude or tendency.”