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We’re happy to finally present you the second issue of Krisis Magazine, krisis | orientation.
krisis | orientation, curated by Unità di crisi and edited by Aiap, will be published in september, but it’s already available online here.

Krisis | Orientation is dedicated to the crisis of orientational paradigms and to the increasing sense of disorientation.
From time immemorial mankind has tried to constitute their own orientation within the world in which we dwell. The complexity of reality and the immense quantity of the stimuli to which we are exposed requires a constant selection of information that are considered useful: the construction of orientation is therefore a primarily eliminative activity. This operation of framing complexity has been carried in time by linear language (in the shape of narrations and myths), by systems of classification (mainly of taxonomical type), by graphic representations (atlases, guides and maps), etc.
During the last decades these models entered a crisis: the collapse of great narrations precludes the construction of a shared collective imaginary, the systems of dynamic classification make taxonomical models obsolete, atlases and guides are giving way to systems of navigation on demand.
The crisis of orientation was born from the complexity of correlations between numerous different emergencies, which most visible effect is a total tendency to fragmentation, to individualisation, to selection, to separation, to the monetarisation of the social and environmental context.
The paradigms of orientation become localised, limited, incapable of constructing wide and shared visions. The progressive acceleration of phenomenona limits the capacity of producing orientation from experience and increases the need of information and indications from the outside.
In this scenario it becomes crucial to think over disorientation as an experience that may be a source of renewal for new practices of orientation.

Vincenzo D’Abbraccio, For an orientation design
Sosaku Miyazaki, Disorientation
Ruedi Baur, Hyperorientation
Daniela Piscitelli, People’s landscape. For an ecology of errancy, Cass Tech High School. Now and then
Michele Metelli, Libia 2011. Trajectories of violence
Bruno 9li, Astar, Suprema Meta, Daimon
Enrico Manera, Memory, violence, utopia. The myth as a means of orientation
Unità di Crisi, Re-orientation. Unforeseeable destinations of myth
Pavel Maria Smejkal, Fatescapes
BAVO, Why a lack of imagination is needed in radical politics today
Merijn Oudenampsen, What it means to be a realist
Foundland, Speculative political expression, as observed through Facebook
Filippo Minelli, Google worlds
René König, Algorithms and gatekeepers
Silvio Lorusso e Sebastian Schmieg, 56 Broken Kindle Screens
Serena Osti, «It’s crisis time!»
Yana Milev, Emercency design. New semiotic orders of urban survival
Melissa Destino, Run run run run. The production in the age of precariousness
Hal Foster, Toward a grammar of emergency
Letra, Archeology of the present
Société Réaliste, Mare nostrum
Marco Quaggiotto, Two maps of the territory
Piera Chiuppani, OQ, daily orientation
Art Is Open Source, VersuS, cities out of control
Cantiere per pratiche non-affermative, Manual for non-affirmative orientation practices
Utilità Manifesta, On eagle wings
Paolo Patelli, Danila Pellicani, Alessandro Contini, A field is to play

Krisis | Orientation
15×21 cm
4 colours
mould-made paper 135 gr.
360 pages
italian and english

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